Not a fucking care in the world.

I won a game of scrabble tonight. I never win anything.


Love this. You don’t often see white ones with wear quite like that.

"At this point, I’m just trying to get my number up."

Lately I’ve been wondering if anyone actually means anything they say.


new orleans, 2014


i jumped off a cliff the other day

That last image…

A Summer of Privilege: DIY’s Gender Problem



August 19, 2014
by Ryan Barnes

If it comes as a shock that punk rock has a gender problem, you’re either not paying attention or you’re new here.

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I’ve been going to shows for the majority of my life at this point and feel very strongly about this topic. I hope this sparks some conversation. 

My friend Ryan wrote a piece on gender issues within the music scene, do yourself a favor and read it.


Michael Gira // SWANS
Out now in self-titled, photo editor: Aaron Richter

Michael Gira // SWANS
Out now in self-titled, photo editor: Aaron Richter